We use electrical equipment every day at home, work and at school. Whether a piece of toast in the morning, a nice cup of tea or photocopied worksheets, almost everything we do in the modern world relies on electricity to power it. But do we actually know how they work and what to do with them at the end of their lives? The science of electrical equipment explains how they work and helps us to dispose or recycle items safely and sustainably at the end of their lives.

The worksheets on this page will help young people understand the science behind the electrical equipment they use at home.

Electrical Equipment Worksheets

Electrical Equipment Quizzes

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KS3 - Electrical Equipment Quiz

Test your knowledge of using and recycling electricals.

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A complete circuit has...

Image of a plug

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What are the units of power?

Image of pylon

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Which of these is true in a series circuit?

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Which of these is true in a parallel circuit?

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What specifically does resistance reduce the flow of?

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What is used to measure the flow of current in a circuit?

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If two bulbs are connected in series, which statement is true?

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What are the Right to Repair rules?

Image of wires

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Where should I put or take my electrical items to be recycled? (Select all the correct answers)

Image of woman recycling

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What are the benefits of recycling electrical equipment?

Children making or fixing an electronic device

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