10 magazines opened and placed on top of one another.

Summer holiday activity: Got magazines? Make recycled beads!

Try making these wonderful African style beads from old magazines.

picture of someone pressing down on recycled paper making frame


How to … recycle paper

Paper makingWhat better way to help pupils understand the circular nature of recycling than taking paper from your classroom recycling box, setting up your own ‘recycling factory’ and making beautiful hand-made paper? Paper making is popular with pupils of all ages. Link it to science work on changing materials, to art and design projects, or set up your ‘recycling factory’ during a themed ‘eco’ week. Be sure to use your finished recycled paper for something special. Greetings cards at Christmas or other times of the year will be treasured by the recipient while spreading the recycling message to family and friends.

Download teacher and pupil instructions below. Papermaking instructions – child Papermaking instructions – adult